Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Like A BRICK Wall

Hmmmm... All kinds of sporting fun is up on the horizon and I am really looking forward to it. Only every now and then the craziness, I got myself into, is hitting me like a brick wall.

Soooooo.... Just to get things straight.... I am planning on running 17 point something miles of the Palmetto200 relay at the end of April and will attempt my first century ride EVER the week after the relay. If that is not stupid enough: I do this off a training plan tailored for a SPRINT DISTANCE TRIATHLON!

Well, I addressed half of the issue already by putting in more miles running as needed according to the plan, but the cycling portion... Not quite. Right now, I am at around 50 miles on the bike PER WEEK and really don't know how that translates into 100 miles in ONE DAY. Let me illustrate the problem a little more: The longest time I have been sitting on a bike in the last couple of months are two hours... And to complete ONE HUNDRED MILES, I am looking at more than six hours... Even if it's on the trainer or a pancake flat course.

Oh and to make things even more complicated... There is also this wedding that I am currently planning and where people count on me to be there... So that workout weekend is pretty much toast! ;-)

To prioritize things in my head and put them into perspective, I made a list:
  • last year I ran the Blue Ridge Relay after several weeks of little to none running due to an overuse injury... and I survived and not total tanked my legs either!
  • this year, I am smarter when it comes to training (hopefully that is not wishful thinking here) and also have a better base for longer distance running to begin with
  • last year I did a metric century (60 miles) ride with less than 40 miles as my longest training ride... but I had tons of mileage per week going on leading up to the even... I finished the thing in four hours.... My right hand was numb for about a week due to the pressure on the palms for the time of the ride... Fun stuff!
  • this year I stink in the cycling department so far.... and the weekends were I will be able to squeeze in long rides are almost non existing.... Make it work! ;-)
This was the perspective list and now on to the priority list:
  • focus on the running, because it's an actual race in which you are part of an actual team
It's that simple. It really is. Yes, I do want to complete 100 miles on the bike on May 8th, but if it's not happening, then it's not happening. There are no results and no DNF's in this event. I may start out on the road and then move to the trainer and take off the resistance... I may to 50 Miles Of Nowhere instead. Bottom line... I am not going to put myself under pressure for this... The priority clearly lies on the Palmetto200... and the wedding... and a little kitchen renovation and my family coming to visit....

Nuf said! ;-)

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