Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Safety First!

This morning, I got an e-mail from the folks at RoadID that my membership is about to expire... As I type this, mine and Terry's membership are both extended to 2011 and while I was at it, I put it on automated renewal so that I don't have to think about it any more.

For those of you, who are familiar with RoadID, you may wonder what membership I am talking about. You see, last year when we decided to do something for our safety while being out and about, we opted for the "interactive" version of RoadID.

The original RoadID gives you seven lines to put down personal information like emergency contacts etc, but that's it... If anything changes, you have to order a new plate or run around with outdated emergency information. But you don't have to order a new wrist band, since you can exchange plates.

In the interactive version, you only have two lines of personalized text (we chose name and area of residence) and the rest is instruction on how to get to emergency information over phone or internet. On the back side of the plate is a serial number and a pin number, so the first responder can access your information. You can add tons of information on top of emergency contacts like your address (primary, vacation home etc), blood type, known allergies, known medical conditions AND whenever something changes, you just log on to your profile and update the information. TA-DAH! The downside is, in order keep your online profile active, you have to pay 10 bucks a year... I am okay with that.

Just to be clear here... I have bought the RoadID myself and I am also paying the membership. I just happen to be convinced by the value of this product and believe that everyone that enjoys the outdoors should invest in this little buddy.

I haven't been wearing my RoadID all the time last year, but recently I tried to get better at it again for my own good. Just last weekend, I was almost run over by a mini van on the last two miles of a solo bike ride. Seconds after that, I almost had a wash out of my rear wheel on some sand and debris on the road, maybe because I was still so scarred from the mini van attack. Seriously, that guy must have been drunk and he was way too fast and he pulled to the right side again before he even passed me. CRAP... And this was Old Buncombe Road... There are cyclist ALL THE TIME, so it's not like I could have surprised him or something.

That was a good mental refresher to ALWAYS wear my ID... when running, cycling, hiking or walking the dog... Whenever I don't have regular ID with me... AND YOU SHOULD DO THE SAME!

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