Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Daylight Saving Time!

First things first! SPRING FORWARD!

Daylight Saving Time is finally here. For peeps that haven gotten used to exercising in the morning outside, this might not be great news, but for me.... I LOVE IT! The time of after work rides is finally here!!! SWEET!!! Yes, I tagged this post with "holiday" on purpose... It's a day for celebration! ;-)

When it comes to training, I have been keeping a VERY LOW profile for the last two weeks. I skipped tons of workouts and didn't break a sweat over it. Starting tomorrow, I'll be back on a training plan leading up to the Middle Tyger YMCA Sprint Triathlon.

I was planning on doing 10 miles running today, well, between everything that is going on these days, that just didn't happen.... Wedding, home improvement etc.

At least we got a nice long group ride in yesterday with "Ride On Bicycles" off Woodruff Road. It was our first group ride in several months. It was the "C" ride, but they were shooting for an 16 mph average... I felt like all these hours on the trainer over the winter really helped not to feel completely wiped afterwards. The 30 miles felt good to me... Of course there is still a lot of room for improvement. So tomorrow, I'll join another "Spin Class From Hell". Trainer rides are all good and fun, but a spin class just pushes me to a completely different level.

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