Friday, March 19, 2010

Introducing: The Dead Possum Posse

Well... The health assessment at work is not even completed and we are already rolling into the next health awareness event!

This is our team mascot and yes, I am fully aware of that it doesn't look very healthy.

I am talking about: Walk to the Beach!

Myrtle Beach SC that is... And it's a virtual* race!

* I am having a lot of these lately, if you haven't noticed it yet! ;-)

Teams of four have to complete 1,000 miles (approximate distance from work to Myrtle Beach times the number of team members) between March 22nd and June 13th.

You track your daily mileage with a pedometer that converts your steps into miles and once a week I have to report to the Posse Captain that turns our numbers in to HR and they will keep the scoreboard up to date (that we always know with who we have to talk smack with).

Speaking of smack talk: As for my team "The Dead Possum Posse", we are in it to win it... Posse Captain is a dedicated hiker, one team member is currently in Ironman Utah training, one team member is a runner and also on my Palmetto200 team and me. We can also use the steps that the pedometer counts while sitting on the bike or being on the elliptical... In the bag... I am telling you. And yes I am bragging here, because I know some of my co-workers are reading this blog. (Yes, I mean you "Accounting Steps"! ;-)

Other than bragging rights, there are prizes on the line which every team is eligible for as long as they complete the distance in the given time frame. But there is still an incentive to do it fast, because there are prizes for each milestone on the way to Myrtle Beach. IN THE BAG! ;-)

Unfortunately, the pedometer that we got provided is a piece of crap. For test reasons, I put it on yesterday around lunch, then I walk from the office to the car, drove to meet Terry and already had a quarter mile on the thing. Funny I thought. Then I looked at it getting to the house and was up to 0.69 miles... I couldn't remember really walking that much. Once I was at the house, I was running around doing laundry, picking up stuff and vacuuming and whatever else. Looking at the pedometer thing... It was still at 0.69 miles... Because I changed from jeans into sweatpants once I was home, I assume right now, that the position of the pedometer on sweatpants (higher on the waist) was the problem... Since I do most of my workouts not in jeans, we have an issue here.

I hope everyone had a great start in their weekend!

So long! ;-)

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