Friday, March 12, 2010

Childhood Flashback

Recently, I got my hands on some audio plays of "The Famous Five" (German title: 5 Freunde) by Enid Blyton in German.

As a child, I used to inhale the books and had tons of tapes with their adventures as well as the tapes/books/TV series of TKKG (written and placed in Germany, never been translated into other languages) and "The Three Investigators" (German title: Die Drei Fragezeichen).

The TKKG logo and the business card of "The Three Investigators".

It was fun to revisit those childhood friends on my way work this week. Especially handy is that one episode is approximately as long as my commute*.

*Which is also to prove that my commute is just way too long... I know I sound like a broken record, but this waste of time on the road sucks all life out of me at times!

Looking at these stories and adventures from the perspective of an adult and also keeping in the back of my head that those books have been written in the 40s, 50s and 60s makes for a handful of observations:
  1. Back in the day, children didn't need computer games and television to be adventurous... They had mother nature and a hand full of close friends for some nice clean fun. I didn't grow up in the time these books were placed and if you'll ask my parents today, they'll probably tell you that there have been a couple of days were I spend too much time in front of the TV. But I also have tons of school breaks in my head, where we didn't stay in a house for several days. Just running around outside until the street lights went on... That was when we were supposed to be home! Which leads me to the next point!
  2. Children were so much less supervised back then... I guess there were less creeps... But my brother and I were gone for whole days running around in the neighborhood and nobody thought anything of it.
  3. Language has changed A LOT! In the books it says: mother, father, the parents, the children... try to find those words in "modern" children's books... there it is: mom, dad, the old folks that keep us down at home, the kids...
  4. Food has changed... Try to find a reference to a fast food restaurant in these books! ;-)
I really wonder, if kids still listen to audio plays?

So long!

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