Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits Vol. 3

It's Tuesday and I didn't do "Tidbits" in a couple of weeks. Also, I am on a roll here of continuous posting and don't want to break it quite yet... Yes I know... I am OCD like that.

  1. I love me some networking: Last week our DJ for the wedding bailed out and so we had to find someone new. All of last week passed without any real progress. So Sunday afternoon I posted a request for help in my Facebook status and I got tons of feedback from friends and the new DJ is already booked. YAY for my FB family!
  2. Since yesterday, I am back on a training plan. That's a good thing. I took a generic BT plan and really love the option of moving planned workouts around during the week. Of course I have replaced the given workout for swims with whatever we do in the swim class.
  3. Also since yesterday, we don't have a kitchen in the house anymore. Terry has been doing a great job with several big home improvement project over the last couple of months. The kitchen is the LAST BIG project IN the house. There is still some to do on the outside, but at least it's going to be actually worth trying to keep the place clean once the kitchen is done.
  4. My parents and brother are coming in less then three weeks. Not to put any pressure on a huge home improvement project like A KITCHEN!
  5. Yes... I have my moments where I am completely stressed out... I am glad that Terry is not the "getting stressed out" kinda guy, otherwise we would be SCREWED!!
  6. Tonight also marked the return to the track. Instead of joining the GTC track workout, I did one on my own at Furman. 1 mile WU, 4x800s 1 mile CD... I had to ease back into those... This was the first time running for me since the RRR 10K. Sad, so very sad.
  7. I added another feed to my Google Reader... Very De-motivational... Some of it is not for the faint at heart... Consider yourself warned.
  8. I really want to do an outside ride tomorrow night, but they are calling for rain. It really only makes sense to ride after work, if I would ride around there. It's Daylight Saving Time alright, but it's also still March. But that means I would need to rack up my bike tomorrow morning and take it to work... All that mess and then I might get rained out. What to do??
  9. While waiting at the check-out at Publix, I scanned the tabloid covers and was surprised by the headline that Charles and Camilla are getting divorced. Of course I don't have a clue what is going on in these people's lives, but he was running after this woman for most of his life and now that they are finally married, it's over.
  10. Flipping through my Triathlete magazine, I noticed that Paul Mitchell is sponsoring XTERRA Races. Am I the only one that finds that this is an odd combination?

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