Sunday, March 28, 2010

Do You Know, What Time It Is?

TOOL TIME! Well, it's non stop tool time in our household since last December, but like with the wedding planning, we finally seemed to be able to see the end of the tunnel. Which is good, because my parents are flying in this coming Friday. YIKES! I already warned my mom, that we might have to resort to cold breakfast and eating out... Let's hope that is not going to happen!

Do you the other time it is, too? CRAPPY RUN TIME! YAY!

I was planning on doing 10 miles again, but it felt labored right from the start. It maybe was the bike ride from yesterday or the crap food I ate all day after the ride. I also overdressed and got hot during my first mile, so I got rid of the jacket, then I start fussing with my cap (I only wear a cap when I expect it to rain during my run)... I was just irritated... MEH! And then my stomach was bothering me on and off... As I said.... Crappy run and every couple of months it's just going to happen. So I cut the run short (6.65 miles) and moved on. Next time will be better - I know it!

That was me right after my run, when the weather was still kinda nice. And you can also see on this photo the reason, why I normally don't wear caps...

This was a little after my run when I took the doggy for a quick walk. The sky already looks darker, but I really enjoy the blooming trees everywhere.

Maybe an hour after my walk with the dog, all hell broke loose. Thunderstorm galore plus tons of hail. I haven't seen that much hail in one spot in my whole life!

Nuf said! ;-)

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