Monday, March 29, 2010

Walk To The Beach: Stats Week 1

A quick explanation to the chart:

  • The pedometer includes daily walking around, walking the dog and steps the gadget counts while I sit on the bike.
  • The Garmin includes all my running mileage... I know... I have to get some more mileage on my legs on a weekly basis.
  • The swimming column is my swim class yardage converted to miles.

I think this week can be called a successful start into the "Walk to the Beach" challenge. If you factor in that you would "just" need to clock 21 miles a week in order to make a personal goal of 250 miles for the time frame, you could say that I was over archiving some. If you look at our team chart for the week, you might be tempted to call us a well matched team of over-achievers... There is worse... The Dead Possum Posse clocked almost 20% of the total mileage required to complete the challenge in the first week.


PS: I don't know yet, where this places us overall, but I'll fill you in as soon as there is a chart or something.

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