Thursday, March 4, 2010

Palmetto200 Updates

With everything else going on, I hardly had time to mention the Palmetto200 relay more than on a couple of side notes over the last couple of weeks. Let's get you up to speed with the scoop and the current planning situation.

As you know, the team is complete. We have 12 runners and out of the 12, we have 10 original DNR members and 2 replacements (16.6% bounce rate is not too shabby)... Those 12 runners form a team with the sweet name of "DNR All-Stars" and the t-shirt logo looks something like this... But this is all still in the draft stage of things.

We also had a naked Calvin on our t-shirts from last year, so this is kind of a natural progression in team name and logo.

There was also some crazy talk about the three wolves t-shirt partnered with another 80's essential... But I think we are over this stage by now. Remainders of this discussion is a statement, that parts of the race will be run in Chuck's... For my part, I thought it would be fun to run one leg in a tutu, but really, the space is limited in vans! :-)

Design credit for the team logo goes to DNR team graphic designer Alex S.

After deciding on team name, logo and actually completing the team, it was time to assign the team members to the legs of the relay. I mentioned earlier, that I signed up for runner #3, then the course got changed around and I swapped for runner #6. Well, they changed the course again and as of now, I am up to 17 miles for the total relay once more... I guess it's just meant to be. Here is a comparison between the old split and the new split courtesy of Brian:

E is for easy, M for medium and H for hard... Since the course is pretty flat, the difficulty of the legs is really determined by the distance. My first leg will be 9.9 miles (longest of whole relay)... That is going to be tough, but at least it will be out of the way early. My next two legs are rated easy with 3.4 miles and 3.7 miles.

That's the status as of yesterday, we'll see if there are going to be more changed to the route.

Still in the works is van rental and hotel reservations for Charleston for after the relay. Since we ran to the beach, we figured it would be nice to stay there for one night before driving back home.

So long! :-)

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