Sunday, October 31, 2010

Race Report: 2010 Spinx Run Fest Half Marathon

Results (based on Guntime):
2h 13m 32s (10:12 min per mile average)

Overall 829/1304
Age Group 86/ 131

Garmin Time*: 2h 12m 36s (10:05 min per mile average)
*The event was chip timed, but I can’t find the chip time in the result… Or maybe I am just blind today.


We got up at 6am and jumped into our race outfits and got some breakfast. For me that was one whole wheat sandwich thin with grape jelly and a banana. I know, that’s not a whole lot, but given my history with stomach issues, I rather eat a little too less than too much before a run. Terry? Well, that’s another story not for me to tell, but only so much: To see what he eats before a race makes me feel queasy just by looking at it!

We were at the Baseball stadium (start and finish) around 7:15 am and ran into friends as soon as we walked into the stadium. That’s were we hung out until it was time for Terry to toe the start line. The marathon start was at 8am and the half marathoners started at 8:40am. Elvis did his thing and sent the marathoners on the road.

I spent the rest of the time getting rid of my extra layers, use the bathroom (score for regular bathrooms in the stadium), check my bag and then stand around for little longer until moving over to the start line, where I ran into some more friends.

Our sending off ritual was a 80s type outfit with wig that was dancing crazy… I thought maybe a take on Flashdance? Anyone want to chip in?

Miles 1-3: 10:22, 10:00, 10:03
Warm-up miles, but really a little slower than I was hoping for, especially mile number one… The first three miles just zipped by. My relay team captain spotted me… thanks to me wearing our team t-shirt. I started my nutrition strategy at mile two and with the goal to pop one gel blast every two miles. I know, that seems very little as well, but it really worked for me at least over this distance. Never change the winning team! Haha!

Miles 4-8: 9:45, 9:45, 9:47, 9:58, 9:52
Those miles were my strongest miles out of the whole race. I had fun being out there, but was also focused on how my body needs and how I feel. I kept on popping gel blasts at mile 4, 6 and 8. Also had some really nice conversations going on here and there. For the hydration portion, I picked up water at EVERY aid station and had a half full water bottle with me, so I was independent from the stations. Worked out great.

Miles 9-12: 10:27, 10:19, 10:26, 10:23
Right at the end of mile 8 the rolling hills start and while doing my training run on the course a couple of weeks ago, I already decided for me, that it was okay to hike up those rollers instead of trying to run then and be exhausted at the top. I played leapfrog with a lot of people. They passing my on the uphill while I was walking and then I passed them on the downhill. In this stretch, things started to get a little tougher, but also during this stretch, I saw so many friendly faces that made it a little easier to push forward. Seriously, you can’t beat a home race… So many friends out running and spectating… So much fun!

Miles 13-13.16: 9:51, 9:26
Right after the 12 mile marker is another short hill, but then it’s downhill from there… Until you get to the stadium and there’s another short hill (that one sucked royally!)… Other than that, it was time to just put everything I had left on the road. Having the finish line at the home plate was super cool… Just the portion were you see the finish line already, but you have to run around the whole field first is a little rough…. Coming in at under 2:15 hours…. AWESOME and makes me very happy!

Post Race:

Got my medal and then walked up the stadium stairs (that’s as fun as it sounds) and grabbed some water, pumpkin bread (yummie!) and pineapple. There I also ran into some friends again and we traded a couple of war stories. I got my bag and then sat down to wait until Terry comes in… He ran is second marathon in 3h 41m and I couldn’t be more proud. After finding him in the finish area, we headed out right away…. Time to rest!

Race Review:
4.5 out of 5 stars! I think this is a great race with a great course and an awesome finish. With many races going on parallel (Kid’s marathon, 5K, half and full) the spectators in the stadium always had something to look at. The gear check and finisher food area was spotless and running very efficiently. The package pick-up the day before was also done very well. The only thing that I see some potential for improvement is the aid stations and bathrooms on the course…. There could be more of them.


Terry and I already talked about it and think we’ll going to do it again next year!



  1. wow he did the full! congrats to both of you!! glad you enjoyed it. the half course has been improved since i ran a couple years ago, and i think the full one was vastly improved as well (but i'm not sure as i didn't know the old one).

    anyway, congrats on a great half!

  2. Hey! Thanks for the comment on my half marathon. Congrats to you too!! That was a tough course...but super fun! I enjoyed reading your race recap. I intend to run it again next year, too!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog, that's crazy that you were in my finishing picture! Congrats on a great race!