Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Barn Quilts in North Carolina

Okay, this post is totally coming out of the left corner... Bear with me! ;-)

Last month while traveling through North Carolina for the Blue Ridge Relay, I noticed "signs" on barns... After a while, I started to take pictures of them, when I wasn't too slow. When getting back home, I did some online research and found the Quilt Trail.

Here are the couple of barn quilts, I was able to capture.




So long! ;-)


  1. ahh! i saw these often in kentucky... never thought they were part of something bigger!

  2. gu chomps: yeah the slit that you tear open is JUST wide enough to squeeze one through. i usually use them as an excuse to stop for a quick break (...or maybe not so quick) to push one out and chew it up (i also am afraid of running + chewing). i just like them cause they are so tasty, to me anyway. did you like them, the package was just annoying?