Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Recovery, Preparation & Other Stuff

It's 4 days post first half marathon in my world... Is it okay for everyone, if I start my own calendar based off that date? Just kidding... REALLY!

Today can be described as:

4:45am wake-up call: NOT FUN!
Intervals during the spin class and after that in the pool: WHAT THE HECK!

Being done with both of my scheduled workouts for today by 7:30am: PRICELESS!!!

You see, I am already back at putting some serious workouts in and I feel fairly good doing it... Okay, that was a lie... The spin class didn't feel too great this morning. Either the resistance dial on my bike was seriously screwed up or my legs are completely shot still. Other than that, no major aches and pains since Monday. I hobbled around funny Sunday, but Terry looked even worse. Well, he did do a marathon, let's not forget that. Sunday was a good preview of the two of us, how we are going to look when we hobble down the street by the time we are 70! ;-)

Oh yes and you read correctly. I am already back on the training plan... Actually, I am back to being coached. Same coach I worked with to prepare for Myrtle Beach this year. I was really looking forward to get back training with her, but I have to say, if I were on my own for this week... I probably wouldn't have done half the stuff she had me do. This week and next week will be kind of a mix between recovery from the races and preparation for the next race. Yes, I am racing this Saturday (11K on trails) and the another half marathon on trails the following Saturday...


On a more life related note:

I am currently seeing the planned trip to Germany for Christmas slip through my fingers... I haven't even broken the news to my Mom yet, but she doesn't read the blog, so I have a little more time to prep my speech. There is no final decision yet, but if I don't receive confirmed paperwork regarding my immigration status soon, I won't be able to travel internationally in December.

Needless to say, I am very frustrated right now and wonder what is taking so long. I already called in and hope that things start to move a little faster now, but I doubt very much that everything will be done in time to book flights etc... Soooo.... I am thinking South Florida for Christmas... Eggnog under palm trees... Sounds like a perfect combination... Don't you think?? ;-)

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  1. That stinks about your trip later this year! :-/ Glad recov is going well, the post-race hobble is so fun... Although lowering down/up to use the bathroom is the worst!