Saturday, October 9, 2010

What the cool Kids do!

This morning, I finally figured out what the cool kids do on a Saturday morning! THEY RUN... DOWNTOWN! What was I thinking, running on the Swamp Rabbit Trail all the time, when the party obviously is on Greenville's sidewalks??

Seriously now, this morning, I had a running date with three running buddies. The plan was to run the Spinx Half course in order to prepare for the race in three weeks and we said we are going to meet at the starting line which is located at the Baseball stadium. In that area, there is the Baseball stadium, a couple of bars/restaurants and shops... Nothing that is open at 7.30am in the morning, but still there were tons of cars.... from runners... the cool kids! ;-)

We took off a little after 7.30am at a good clip. I was planning on shooting for a 10.30 minute/ mile average for the run, since I did my previous long runs at 10.45 minute/ mile.... You know, pushing it a little. Well, I am glad I was running with a group today, because that made me push myself so much more... Funny enough, I felt really good for the first 8 miles, even though we clocked several sub 10 minute miles. I would have never done that on my own. After mile 8, things got a little more difficult and I started struggling a little. Around mile 10, I told the girls to keep on going without me, because I needed some walk breaks.... But somewhere on mile 11, I was able to catch up with them again and we finished together. Total time 2 hours 13 minutes... A 10:11 minute/mile average. Good run... Very happy about it!

After the run, we got a little bit of rest in (Terry ran 26 miles this morning) and then took off for some running shoe shopping. As I mentioned last week, it was time to retire the two pairs that I had in rotation for the last year. I have two spare pairs of the Adidas, but I wanted to keep rotating the Adidas with something else and ended up getting the new version of the shoe I was using in the past... The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10. For the last week, I tried to find a closeout pair of the 8's or 9's online, but no luck. Terry also found some new shoes and hopefully, that'll make and end to his blister issues that he is struggling with lately.

And since the day wasn't sporty enough yet, we then headed up to Tryon NC for an open water swim at Lake Lanier.... It worked out beautifully, that I got my wetsuit a couple of days ago and was able to try it out right away. Coach Katie organized the swim for her athletes that prepare for the Beach to Battleship Iron Distance triathlon in November and I able to join them... I didn't do the whole distance though, just haven't been swimming enough lately. I ended up with around 2,000 yards... goody goody. And yes, I LOVE the wetsuit. It's comfortable and it kept me toasty borderline a little too warm. I actually managed to get into the suit without help, after last night's wrestle, I didn't think that was possible.

Here we are about to head out. We ran a little late and everyone else already took off. Katie is on the board, just pulling one of her dogs on the board for a ride.

About to start back up, after taking a little breast stroke and chit chat break.

 And this is on our way back.... What a gorgeous day and a beautiful place to spend your afternoon!

So long! ;-)

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