Monday, October 18, 2010

Party! Diaper Party!

I learned something new recently.... The baby shower is for girls only and if boys are at the party as well, it's called a "Diaper Party". Last Saturday I was invited to one of those for one of my closest friends and Maid of Honor.

It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself and spending time with the parents to be and their friends, that I haven't met before. All around, a great evening.

 The baby is a German/ British production, which showed in the table decoration.

The parents to be unwrapping their gifts.

 One half of the party guests/ hosts.

And here is the other half of guests/ hosts.

 And this is all for the first couple of months for baby Jonathan.

I am glad I ran 13 miles earlier that day, because I basically ate half of the food on the table.... Well, maybe not half, but a quarter.... It was all so yummie! I thought I would never be hungry ever again, I felt so stuffed that night! ;-)

Good times!

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