Monday, October 4, 2010

A Whole Lot Of Orange

Last Saturday, I was at my very first football game. We went to see the Clemson Tigers play Miami.

The team colors of the Tigers are orange and purple... In clothing, orange was predominant.

So far, I have only seen football games on TV and only heard about "tailgating", but really didn't have a clue what it was all about.


We got there a little after 9am and the rest of the group already started up. We had a tent and we had food and beverages (adult and regular)... Unfortunately, our grill plan fell through, so we were a little short fuel. Fortunately, some of us brought out stuff that didn't need grilling.

We also saw the band practice.

This is a view over one of the tailgaiting areas from the stadium.

The stadium at Clemson seats around 80,000 people and it was SOLD out!

We were all the way up (second to last row) and could see to Lake Hartwell. Saturday was also a really hot day and we got slow roasted on the stands.

Celebrations after a touchdown for Clemson.

During half-time, the band performed on the field with choreography.

In the end Clemson lost. But all in all it was a good day with a great group of people, enjoying the last warm days of summer.

Would I go back? Tailgating maybe, but the game... Seriously, I don't have the patience to watch sports for 4 hours... Granted, people tell me, that the game dragged along unusually long.

So long! ;-)


  1. Is your husband a clemson fan/alum or did you guys just go? At least if you're going to a football game you went to the right one :) lol I am a Clemson grad, although not as crazy as some other fans! Glad you had fun and stinks about the loss but what can ya do... And I agree - I don't have the stamina/patience for tailgating and football all day!

  2. I spent my summer in Germany (primarily Munich) and was amazed by all of the cultural differences... I just didn't consider what it would really be like for a German coming to the States!

    Wie denkst du?