Friday, October 29, 2010

The Plan–For Now Anyways

"Too much focus on the outcome, contaminates the performance"
- Josh Beckett
Do I have a goal time? Sorta kinda. Do I want to share here? Nope. Thinking of it… I maybe mentioned it in previous posts… Can’t remember right now.
Anyways, instead of focusing on the outcome (goal time), I will focus on the  run itself and on the following points:
  • SMILE a lot and ENJOY being able to do this
  • grab water at each aid station, pop a gel blast at each mile
  • keep steady for the first 9 miles and see what’s left after that
  • slow down before walking
The half marathons gods also smiled down at me, when this package was in the mail, right on time:

I am all for supporting the local shops, but for whatever reason, I wasn’t able to get the raspberry gel blast in the last couple of weeks. Well, this should take care of things!

After carefully studying the weather forecast, I decided on this outfit…

So if you see me on the course tomorrow…. Pls tell me that I “look strong” and that the finish line is just around the corner! HA… Only, if you are spectating just around the corner of the finish line!
Now it’s time to relax and rest up!

1 comment:

  1. ahh! you came up out of no where on me! but i was so glad you spotted me first. though i can't believe you did, since i didn't know what i was wearing until that morning. :)

    anyway i thought you were running a great time so i hope you are happy with your results!

    i am thinking about that trail half (haven't signed up yet) but will let you know so we can meet "for real"!

    congrats on the half!!