Friday, October 8, 2010

Look, what the Mailman brought!

This week was LONG! But one evening I got home and there it was.... my birthday present!!! Sweet!

A Wetsuit!

I know... It's kind of silly to get  a wetsuit now, since I haven't planned any triathlons this year anymore... But my b-day is in the fall and not in the spring... Nothing I can do about this! ;-)

That thing looks mighty small, doesn't it?

It also took a mighty long time until I finally got myself squeezed in and zipped up... I actually needed a little help... No pictures... Nobody wants to see that! ;-)

Impossible to look cute in that thing.

No matter, how much I try to strike a pose.

Well, I guess that means, I can might as well goof off! ;-)

Hope that everybody has a fantastic weekend!


  1. Happy belated birthday.
    You looks like nice in the wetsuite.

    Ich hoffe mein Englisch ist verständlich. Ich möchte ein wenig üben und es stört dich nicht in deienm Blogg.

  2. nice! you model it very well :) maybe you can still jump in a lake around here one more time before it gets too cold? you know, make sure it works and all before waiting until next year!