Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Hybrid's Third Season

When I started to work out again, I got back on the bike that I bought a couple of years earlier back in Germany. After getting my road bike last year in spring, the hybrid was really not being used anymore. Poor thing. Until last Sunday... I think I found it's calling today.... It turns out, that I have a decent mountain bike on my hands.

I thought about trying out mountain biking for a while now, but never found the right place and time to do so until now. Somebody posted a "low key" mountain bike ride at the Palmetto Trail Croft Passage in Spartanburg and I decided to come along, after checking that "low key" translates into beginner friendly.

Not only was it beginner friendly, I also got a quick introduction into mountain biking... use back brakes, keep your weight on your back wheel, keep your cadence high etc... Very helpful. The ride leader knew the trail like the back of his hand and there also were a lot of on the go instruction like how to take an upcoming turn and so on.

At the beginning, I thought they were joking of the trail not being technical, but really I have nothing to compare it to. After a while I got a little more used to it and on the way back, I thought it wasn't that bad anymore. Of course, I still was super cautious, especially on the downhills... Only one time I threw all caution in the wind... I couldn't see the ride leader anymore and the trail forked. I was just hoping that I picked the right trail and charged after the group!

I think mountain biking could become a real alternative for me during the winter months, when cycling on the road in the cold just doesn't sound appealing.

And one thing I learned: Socks are not optional on a mountain bike. Within minutes my shoes were filled with sand and it was rubbing against my skin with each pedal stroke.

You may excuse the absence of a pedicure! ;-)

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  1. i can't imagine mountain biking. how do you keep your cadence up (or going period) on those hills?! maybe the palmetto trail is better, but still! people do that on 'real' mountains too.

    anyway yes, that vineyard is somewhere around 417/101/middle of nowhere :)