Monday, January 18, 2010

Week in Workouts

Today is my first rest day in a week and a half of workouts. And I am really resting. No running errands, no cleaning house, no going out, just rest. YAY. I am sitting in bed, watching a NCIS rerun while I type this post. Every now and then the puppy takes a break from chewing on her bone and comes over to snuggle some.

My pet peeve all of last week was the second 15-miler scheduled for yesterday. Especially after a full week of workouts as previously mentioned, that looked pretty much like this:

Monday - Strength and Stretching
Tuesday - AM Swimming, PM Trainer Ride
Wednesday - AM Boot Class, PM Treadmill Hill Workout
Thursday - AM Swimming
Friday - AM Treadmill Mile Repeats
Saturday - Bike Ride
Sunday - Second 15-miler in 2h 36 mins

As you see, I had a lot of morning workouts which pretty much means getting up at 5 AM for me. I was so ready for the weekend and to sleep in at least a little. Sleeping in for me after five days of early early wake up calls means waking up at around 7AM on my own. ARRRRGH!!!

Fortunately, the weather finally got warmer and there wasn't supposed to be rain until in the afternoon. So we took the bike out for an easy 25 mile ride. As said, it was easy, fun and social. It also seems like I finally found a combination of clothing that keeps me toasty throughout a ride in around 40 degree weather. There will be a post hopefully this week with visual material! ;-) One life saver was "toasty toes"... great invention... I should have found those things so much earlier!

So yesterday, I didn't get quite so lucky. By the time we got home from church and I got some household duties out of the way, it was drizzling. Awesome! NOT! I put on some capris, a long sleeve shirt and a cap... I only wear a cap when it's raining. I left the car at the PAC building on the Furman Campus and was planning to loop around the Campus and the Swamp Rabbit Trail for the run. The car would hold extra water and food and a dry shirt for the case that I would get drenched. Good thing that it never got that bad... It rained on and off, but as long as I was moving, I felt fine. Around mile four I already felt my quads burning and it never really got better. Even though the physical part got a little tough at time, mentally, I felt pretty good throughout the run. Only the last half mile or so was really hard on me. When the Garmin beeped for mile 15, I stopped right away and power walked back to the car. The car key dropped out of the pocket of my handheld water bottle and I had a hard time to bend down and pick it up again.

Last night we had our first D.N.R. All Stars meeting for the Palmetto200 and I had once again a hard time walking properly and was really tired. But today, I feel so much better compared to last Monday after the first 15-miler. I even was able to walk down stairs with only very little pain! :-)

Alright, now I will pack my swim bag and then call it a very early night...

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