Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Activate Upstate 2010

How is your new year's resolution coming along? Did you make any new year's resolutions for 2010??

In case you are still looking for a goal for 2010, need some inspiration, accountability and a group setting to motivate you and keep you motivated? Why don't you just stop by at the Carolina First Center tonight and register for Activate Upstate 2010? If you can't make it tonight, then just register online for Activate Upstate Greenville, Spartanburg or Laurens!

The program description according to their website is:

"Activate Upstate is a FREE
year-round healthy living awareness program that targets youth and adult
obesity and related diseases. The program encourages participants to
accumulate at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity five days
per week by completing their daily activity log online. Participants will
receive Healthy Living information about nutrition, exercise and health
education weekly on the website. Participants also take part in weekly
and monthly weigh-ins and counseling, as well as attend “Health Talks,” a series
of lectures by wellness and medical experts that focus on topics related to
health and wellness.

Track your progress and that of the
Upstate right here! This website will provide every participant with
a confidential login so that they can privately monitor their weight lost and
physical activity during the program. Visit this website often for
the latest stats on the Upstate’s progress to lose weight and get physically

Regular physical activity reduces the risk of coronary
heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. It helps control weight and
contributes to healthy bones, muscles, and joints. It helps relieve the pain of
arthritis and reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression. People of all ages
who are generally inactive can improve their health and well being by becoming
active at a moderate-intensity on a regular basis."

The flyer to the Activate Upstate 2008 program was actually what kicked off my weight loss journey. I didn't participate in the program, but their program description just triggered something in my brain. 30 minutes of moderate activity five days a week... I can do this, I thought... And I did it and I came a long way since and my body is capable of so much more by now.

Whenever I see the posters and news articles about the program being kicked off for another year, I remember when I started back living a healty lifestyle and hope that others will do it too with a little help and inspiration with this program.

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