Friday, January 29, 2010

Warning: RANT Is Coming In

It's Friday and I should be happy since it's weekend. FINALLY!

Instead, I am pretty grumpy.

The cold that started to creep up on me again made me bed bound on Wednesday. Yesterday, I felt better and went to work again. Today at work again, but didn't have a good day and instead of getting better, I was getting worse. So I stopped by the plant nurse and got a prescription for antibiotics. And here is were I started to get really grumpy. I HATE taking antibiotics. On top of them making me sick to my stomach, I really don't believe in taking antibiotics for a cold since a cold is a viral infection and antibiotics treat bacterial infections. On the other hand, I have been struggling with these non-specifics symptoms for way too long now, that I think, I will just have to suck it up and take them. Of course you can ask me now, what my problem is, since I got it prescribed (and the doctor is always right). Well, I grew up with antibiotics being the last resort for a doc and around here it's the first thing they do. Besides the stomach issues that I get from taking them, I don't like the idea of getting resistant against antibiotics and when I really really need them with a big bacterial infect that the body can't handle on it's own, they won't work anymore.

Call me paranoid... Whatever. I will take them this time... Promise... Terry will kill me, if I don't... Nevertheless it sucks... And I am grumpy... And I think I already mentioned that several times.

I haven't been working out since Tuesday and I won't unless I am able to breath properly again. I took the doggy out for a short walk on Wednesday just to catch some fresh air and started wheezing... Just the thought of running right now makes me mentally collapse with exhaustion. Hopefully by Sunday (and with the help (?) of my trusty medication) I will be able to resume some sort of physical activity... Even though it's probably not going to be the 15 miles that I have on the plan.

Of course I start to get worried about the half marathon in two (!) weeks. Coach said that I won't loose anything at this point, but how long of a break can one take without loosing the fitness? I think I read somewhere that up to a week should be fine. But I also catch myself adjusting my goals... From "it'll be nice do to the race in around 2:10h"to "comfortably crossing the finish line". In additional to all of the above, I am one of those people that need to be over-prepared in order to not go crazy at the starting line and even being overly prepared that doesn't prevent pre race jitters and a squirrly stomach.

Seriously, I don't know what I can ask my body to do after two colds within one month in the last third of half marathon training. And I guess I just have to suck it up once more and keep on looking forward to a weekend in Myrtle Beach that I am going to spend with a lot of nice people including several members of the relay team, instead of focusing all my energy in coming up with race scenarios.

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