Sunday, January 31, 2010

Caught Up...

I can't remember the last weekend I have been so UNPRODUCTIVE.... Well, I guess being unproductive is all a question about definition... At least it's Sunday night and I am all caught up on every reality show out there plus several "movies we love". And since that is not quite enough, I am watching the red carpet show for the Grammy's as I type this.

You might have guessed it by now..... I am still not really feeling so well. For the last couple of days, I have been dealing with a headache from hell and was having a temperature on and off. Finally this afternoon, I started to feel better and Terry and I even took a little stroll around Furman Lake to catch some fresh air. I joked around and told him, that this going to be a preview of us in a couple of decades (hopefully)... We are both not so much the walking peeps... And he even less than I am.

As usual when I am not able to workout as usual, I get all jealous while being outside and seeing other people running or riding their bike. But I have to be patient here for once. By now I think I might have started up to fast and to hard the last time I recovered from the cold. Even though I feel fairly good right now, I'll give myself another two days of rest before starting up easy.

Alrighty peeps.... The Grammy's are on and Lady Gaga and Sir Elton John are the opening performance... I will get my award show fix now for the season! ;-)

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