Thursday, January 21, 2010

Leave Some Water In The Pool

I might have mentioned it before, but just in case... I am back in the pool twice a week again for the tri swim classes at the Middle Tyger Y. It's good to be back in the class environment, having a little more accountability for actually getting up at the crack of (way before) dawn and do your drills. It's getting especially entertaining, when we start doing time trials, seeded starts and snake down the pool from lane to lane without warming up (since you are not necessarily warming up at a race either) and the kick board races.

Today's workout had a colorful mix between freestyle and backstroke/ breaststroke/ butterfly as choice to alternate. Mixing up the strokes is supposed to make you a stronger and better swimmer and I am all for that. Breaststroke is not a big deal for me, butterfly is in my mind not even worth trying right now, but the backstroke, I thought, should be possible even though I had bad memories from last year's class and my attempts back then.

Yeah... It was a pretty entertaining training session, especially for anybody that witnessed my backstroke attempts. It's not so much the swim stroke (upside down freestyle, rotate body, keep arms straight, look at arms) than the breathing. It's really weird that I hardly ever swallow water doing freestyle or breaststroke where you have your face in the water pretty much the whole time and then you flip me around that my face is out of the water the WHOLE time and I swallow water by the gallon. I had to stop several times in the middle of the lane (I always swim in the shallow end where I can stand, because it's easier to rest and switch out toys) to cough the water up again. YUCK!!!! I know, it's just a question of practice it more and so I didn't follow the urge of breast stroking every time I wasn't supposed to freestyle, but alternate between breaststroke and backstroke and I think towards the end it worked a little better.

Baby steps.... baby steps....

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