Thursday, January 14, 2010

Clean Up Your Act Already!

I mentioned casually a couple of posts ago, that I did quite some damage on the weight front over the holidays. After being good for almost two years, I thought to myself the heck with it and I will enjoy everything I feel like during the two weeks of winter vacation in Germany. My mom cooked a lot of my favorite dishes and she baked tons and tons of Christmas cookies. I enjoyed every single meal and every single cookie! :-)

So stepping on the scale when we got back was quite an eye opener, but I had the mindset that once I am back in my routine, things should go back to normal quickly. Well, hardly any workouts for almost two weeks because of this cough and still indulging in anything and everything high sugar, high carb, high fat under the sun sure delayed the getting back on track process.

With a week of regular training (since the cough) under my belt, things are starting to get back to normal... I already dropped a couple of pounds as well and I still feel confident, that I will be able to be back at 125 lbs by the end of the month.

One obstacle that I didn't anticipate (even though I should have) during my "Holidays Everything Goes" Diet was that my metabolism frighteningly fast got used to additional amounts of calories that I fed it for two weeks. So even as I am back in my routine, I have a much harder time to say no to sugary things and only very slowly get my act together. You see, once you are used to a clean diet, it's so much easier to stick to it... That's at least my experience. It's the time to get your body and mind used to that clean diet that is hard and slow. Unfortunately, it's much slower to clean up your act again than falling into old patterns.

Even though I still have a hard time at the moment to pass on chocolate, muffins and co., at least I was able to get my body back accustomed not to crave food in the evenings anymore.

That way, I slowly but surely clean up my act once more, also with the motivation of the half marathon in four weeks.

Oh boy... in four weeks??? Yikes!

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