Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Toasty In the 40s

I don't like to be cold. I don't think anyone really 'likes' to be cold. But I am also cold natured. By lips turn purple and I get goose bumps way before somebody else is feeling chilly.

In case you missed it, but it has been pretty cold around here in the last couple of weeks. Only since last week, we finally had a little warmer temps and on Saturday it in the mid 40s... The mid 40s are by no definition warm, but way warmer than anything else we had in 2010 so far.

A bike ride was decided and of course, I didn't wanted to be the sissy that was too cold. Besides, I already announced with my big mouth a couple of months ago, that I got myself some winter cycling clothing and therefore won't have any excuses this season not to be out on the bike.

On Saturday morning, I browsed in my workout clothes and decided on the following layering:

Base Layer
Sleeveless Cycling Top
Arm Warmer
Cycling Jacket
Wool Gloves

Not in the picture:
Head Band
Wool Socks
Toasti Toes
Neoprene Booties

The bibs are great, because they cover the back and there is no gaping between the top and the bottom. The arm warmers I decided on, because that was a layer I would have been easily able to shed for the case that I got too warm. The Toasti Toes are my biggest discovery for winter cycling. I always have the problem that my toes go numb within minutes on the bike even with wearing the booties and wool socks (and sometimes grocery bags between the booties and the shoes)... Once numb, they turn blue and after cycling for around two hours, it takes at least another two hours for me to regain feeling in my toes. This time, the only toe that got a little cold, was the one that wasn't covered properly by the Toasti Toes, because the sticker shifted a little when I stepped into the shoe. I just have to watch that the next time.

Bring it on winter! I finally figured it out! ;-)

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  1. I may have to try the toasti toes if the neoprene booties don't cut it this winter. Thanks!

    Can I have your 40s? Please!