Thursday, January 7, 2010

Statistics 2009 and Tentative Race Schedule/ Goals 2010

I am behind – I know! Every other endurance sports blog that I read has already done this post and moved on…. But I still don’t want to miss the opportunity to reflect on 2009 and make a public commitment to my goals in 2010.

Brace yourself and here we go:

Statistics 2009


Bike: 133h 28m 31s - 1320.5 Mi (spin bike incl in time, but not in mileage)
Run: 115h 41m 42s - 670.78 Mi
Swim: 67h 04m 01s - 157033.2 Yd
Strength: 29h 39m


6 5Ks

2 8Ks

2 10Ks

1 Mud Run (4 miles, 30 obstacles)

1 Sprint Triathlon (400m swim, 14mile bike, 4mile run)

1 Metric Century Ride (62 miles)

1 Relay (12.3 miles in three legs)

1 Trail Race over 11K

Tentative Race Schedule 2010

2-13 Myrtle Beach Half Marathon (registered)
4-25 Palmetto 200 Relay
6-5 Middle Tyger YMCA Sprint Triathlon
8-1 Assault on Cherokee International Distance Triathlon

Those are the races that I really want to do and the rest of the year will be planned out as I go. On top of these, I would like to do a century ride and maybe a duathlon, but so far, I haven’t found anything that fits in the existing schedule.

Athletic Goals for 2010

1) back to around 125 lbs by the end of January (yes, I did quite some damage over the winter vacation)
2) finish my first half marathon
3) improve my time from 2009 in the Middle Tyger Sprint
4) finish my first international distance tri
5) get faster especially when it comes to running to be measured in PRs

That’s not too bad of a list… This should be possible! ;-)

Oh and by the way: Yes, I did the swim this morning and it felt good to start the training back up. Coach didn't have a whole lot to correct this time around. Last year after my first lesson, I seriously wondered, how I was able to stay afloat since there was soooo much to correct on my stroke. So the technique seems to be getting better (should I be concerned that she didn't recognize my attempt on perfect form 50s? ;-) and the speed will come with practice!

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