Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shorts In January

The first run after the second cold (or whatever it was) in one month is in the books. It was slow, but it felt good. I took it very easy and set the Garmin on heart rate alert at 167 bpm to make sure that I keep it easy. Under 167 bpm HR translates for me into an 11 something min/ mile pace.

For the first time in months, I took the puppy out on a run with me. I was kind of unsure, how she will be able to keep up and I was shooting for five miles (and ended up with 5.33). Well, Karma-girl did a great job and hardly was trouble. I am sure that once she is getting used to running with me again, it will be even easier to take her along.

Besides of being out running again and spent some quality puppy time, the best thing about this run was the weather outside. These days, we have a daily change between ice, rain and whatever else comes along. Today was PERFECT! It was in the 50s, sunny and no wind. I wore a long sleeve and SHORTS!!!! Shorts in January! This winter doesn't resemble anything that I experienced so far in South Carolina, but today was a glimpse of our regular winter... With an hour fresh air and sunshine today, I think I will be able to survive the forecast of crappy weather over the next couple of days without falling into a depression.

Can't wait for spring to come. I miss the color GREEN!

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