Sunday, February 21, 2010

Second Brick Of The Season

"Second brick?" You ask? Well, I actually did the first brick of the season yesterday with a 10-mile road race in the morning and a compu trainer session in the afternoon. Those two events will take a little longer to write up especially since our Internet connection is a little unreliable today.

After church and some serious house cleaning, I got into gear and headed out for a bike ride.

I did the Green Valley Loop, which is a back country road from Furman to Travelers Rest and back with rolling hills and nice scenery.

The loop is not quite as "green" yet, but at least the geese are already back.

The roads are not busy

All of the above, makes a happy cyclist.

Well, the happy cyclist dropped her chain a little down the road and was not so happy after that one, but all was good again within minutes... Hands got a little dirty though.

I had 30 miles on the plan, but ended up short with 23 miles and change. I still had that trainer ride from yesterday in my muscles.

At home, I switched shorts and shoes and headed out for a little two mile run with the dog.

Tomorrow I'll be back with the race report for the Green Valley Road Race 10 miler... Only so much for now... I nailed my goal time and am VERY happy about that.

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