Monday, February 8, 2010

The Pain In the Butt And It's Nemesis

As soon as I am back to logging some serious mileage, my pain in the butt is back... Piriformis Syndrome. I mentioned yesterday already that I continuously had to stretch out my hamstrings after the run, because the muscle was tight, tight and more tight. Even though I tagged this post with "injury", I don't really consider this as such but more a side effect when I run. It really doesn't hinder me working out because the pain goes away once the muscles warm up again and really, I don't think I would feel it as much, if I wouldn't be sitting 90% during the day at work. My co-workers are so used to me stretching out at my desk that they don't even have to ask anymore what I am doing. Seriously, at times it gets so painful sitting there.... My last worry is how funny I might look.

Besides stretching, the foam roller does miracles for me to reduce the discomfort. Our dog enjoys me using the foam roller as well because it brings me on the floor and on her eye level... Last night, while I was rolling, she walked all over me and also just sat down on my hip... I don't know how a 45 lbs dog thinks that she could be a lap dog. But the added weight actually felt good on the foam roller, but her pointy bones are just way to uncomfortable.

I asked Terry to snap a couple of pictures of tonight's stretching struggle.

Just sitting on the foam roller, already makes it feel better.

Leaning back and rolling back and forth works even better.

Stretched out my calves for good measure since my chiropractor said they are so tight, that my toes are pointed when I lay down on her table. And no, I am not angry or anything, just forgot to smile! ;-)

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