Friday, February 26, 2010

Rest Day? Maybe Next Week!

Normally Friday is my rest day and most of the time I am really looking forward to it. No packing breakfast, gym bag, work clothes etc the night before…. No hassle on Thursday night and then sleep in Friday - until 6am that is. So much for the plan.

Last night I had the tri clinic at the Eastside Y and planned on doing my scheduled run afterward. Before heading into the Y, I talked to Terry on the phone.

K: What are you up to?
T: I am draining the water out of the hot water heater, so I can take the water heater out of the laundry room and tile the floor.
K: Sounds like fun. Ummm… How am I going to shower tomorrow morning?
T: Aren't you working out tomorrow morning?
K: Well, I guess I am now!

Honestly, I didn't feel like running last night anyways and I really don't like to blow off the run completely, but getting up this morning (packing my work clothes etc) really sucked.

After getting up, I started layering in the running gear that I laid out the night before, since I was planning to run outside somewhere around the Caine Halter Y. After getting dressed and sticking out my nose into the wind, I returned to my trusty gear closet and retrieved some shorts and a t-shirt… No way, I would be running outside this morning. Yes, I don't care for the dreadmill, but I am sick and tired of being cold. Turned out that it was in the twenties this morning and in the teens with windchill. Thanks, but no thanks.

Anyways, the dreadmill run felt crappy, my left hamstring and knee felt crappy and the feeling didn't improve after the warm-up and the first two intervals (a total of 17 minutes)… So I called it a day… At least on the treadmill and moved over to the cross ramp. On the ramp I found myself an incline and resistance that didn't aggravate my hamstring and knee and got another 30 minutes of cardio in before stretching for a while. Well, after having several really good runs in the last couple of days, I guess I was just due for one of those again. Maybe it was also my attitude towards treadmill that made it so crappy. That thing just seems to suck all life out of me.

So for the weekend, they forecast highs in the 50s for Saturday and Sunday and I am looking forward to the training duathlon organized by the Upstate Tri Club and then a nice bike ride with a friend on Sunday.

On other news: I am back at my goal weight of 125lbs! YAY! That is one 2010 goal completed! Double YAY! ;-)

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. It's like an elliptical, but the incline of the part where you stand on can be adjusted. On regular ellipticals the feet stay in the same position.