Thursday, February 18, 2010

100 Tidbits For The 100th

  1. This is my 100th post and I will try to come up with 100 tidbits. 100 tidbits is a lot of stuff, so bear with me in the case it is getting a little ridiculous at one point.
  2. I started this blog on August 27th 2009 with this post.
  3. You might have noticed, that I didn't post in the last two days. I just couldn't make up my mind if I even wanted to do something "special" for number 100.
  4. Last night I attended my first workout with the Greenville Track Club. I did group track workouts before, but never with a group of that size.
  5. The guy who organizes the track workouts is German AND he comes from the same county I come from... The world is a village!
  6. We did 1x400, 5x800s and 1x400 and I am happy with the fairly even splits I ran... All of them where around a 8:30min/mile pace. The 400 were even a little faster.
  7. I am not so happy about being one of the slowest runners of the group, but I have to keep in perspective where I am coming from (weight loss and only two years of running) and how far I already got.
  8. Even though the workout was high intensity, I was very cold when I got back in the car and I had a hard time warming up. That was weird.
  9. When I got home last night, I found a letter from my best friend from high school. It was an invitation for her wedding in July. Chances are pretty slim that I will be able to be there. SUCKS!
  10. Most likely, she won't be able to be at my wedding! SUCKS!!!
  11. I live in the US for almost five years by now and in moments like this, it feels like my life is never going to be whole again since half of it will be always missing no matter where I am from here on out.
  12. Speaking of weddings: We finally decided where we going to celebrate our big day and it was about time to do so.... Just two months left to get everything done.
  13. The other week, I picked up one of those free wedding magazines. There was a time table in it. It stated something like "18 months before wedding: announce engagement". Yeah right... I guess I am way behind on that schedule.
  14. I think I need a "not-so-frilly girl's guide to organize a wedding in two months", but I kinda doubt there is something like this out there. When it's done and if we survived the big day, I might write up my experience just for you! ;-)
  15. One more wedding thing and I'll move on: I don't want to have a wedding gown, but I saw some gorgeous dresses in some runway show footages... What do you think are my chances of finding a knock-off of these dresses at a good department store?
  16. The Olympic Games are fun! I just LOVE big international sporting events.
  17. That reminds me of back in the day (2002) when I did an internship in England and the soccer world championship was on. I don't think that I have to mention how soccer crazy the English are and how soccer crazy the Germans are. So I was at a German company in England (and it's getting better) while sharing a desk cluster with a girl from Ireland and a girl from Spain. Germany made it into the final against Brazil. ;-)
  18. Back to the Olympics: Even though I love them, I have hardly seen any events so far. I started to watch a little men's figure skating on Tuesday night, but the commercial breaks every five minutes were driving me nuts, so I just gave up.
  19. I think I will follow the events on this handy iGoogle Vancouver 2010 app... No commercial breaks there.
  20. My mom calls me every Sunday. So last Sunday we talked and after a while she was cutting me off, because she wanted to watch the Biathlon event at the Olympics. This woman has her priorities straight! ;-)
  21. I think the most talked about events at the winter Olympics are curling and men's figure skating... At least it seems that way sometimes.
  22. The weather forecast for the weekend finally looks a little better which is good because:
  23. Terry is planning on installing new windows at the house on Saturday and that would just suck in the cold and rain.
  24. It increases my chances of getting out on the bike exponentially.
  25. Speaking of installing new windows. Terry does TONS of remodelling projects at the house right now. Downstairs and upstairs bathroom have been just recently completed. Now the windows and then the kitchen. Those are the big projects and then there are other smaller ones to take care of. So proud of him, to get all of this done.
  26. I am just realizing that this is going to be a very long post and you might want to grab a little snack now.
  27. This morning we did a 1,000 yard time trial at swim class. I did my TT in 18min 22sec and I am happy about that.
  28. Coach Katie threatened right away, that I have to swim with the boys next week. I know, it's for my own good and it'll make me faster, but those guys are much faster than me and they normally drop my like a hot potato.
  29. Sometimes, the Y's swim team has practice while we have our class and on those days the locker room is a loony bin.
  30. You ask why? Can you remember when you were a teenager and you were talking to your teenage girlfriends.... "it's like so weird, because he said like something and I said like... WHATEVER".... remember?
  31. On top of the talk, the locker room looks like a tornado went through once they leave.
  32. One more locker room rant point... At the Y that I am swimming at, the locker rooms seem to be the coldest rooms in the whole facility.
  33. And while we are at it... a couple of benches would be really NICE. Because if you don't get lucky and get one of the three little cabins, the only place to put your crap is on the ground. I heard the guys have benches.
  34. Lately, I finally seem to be able to get a grip on my nutrition again and it starts to pay off.
  35. My 125 lbs goal by the end of February seems to get done this time.
  36. I honestly can't believe how long it takes me this time to get back in check. Two months to get back to my pre holiday weight. This is ridiculous.
  37. In my defense I just want to mention, that I have been sick twice during that time and I really don't watch my intake when I am sick. Then there was useless carbo loading for a half marathon that didn't happen... You see... Valid points.
  38. One of my co-worker made a comment the other day, about how I could get sick especially since I am living such a healthy lifestyle. Well... Endurance athletes tend to struggle with that at times, because after long workouts your immune system takes a dive for a couple of hours and if you get exposed to stuff in that window, you are basically screwed.
  39. Speaking of health: My butt pain is getting worse and worse... Walking, after I sat for a little while, looks really funny. I stretch and foam roll my little heart out but nothing seems to work.
  40. Of course I noticed the butt pain this morning already and I still chose to wear heels to work... Not such a great idea... At all.
  41. I am so looking forward to my chiropractor appointment tomorrow to hopefully get some relieve in that matter. I might want to look into getting a massage as well.
  42. Audio books are expensive! At least the selection I found at Barnes and Nobles.
  43. After listening to the audio books that I got from the book sales last November (I will write a review of those soon!) and then worked through all my Christmas present audio books, I ran out of them end of last week.
  44. Today we had lunch at Cracker Barrel and I noticed once again that they "rent out" audio books. I say "rent out" because basically you buy the book and when you are done you return and get a refund of the purchase price minus a weekly fee. That would be a great option and they have tons of books, but not necessarily anything that I am interested in.
  45. That also brings me back to finally get a library card, but with that it's going to be tough for me to make their hours.
  46. Currently I am listening to "The Blind Side - The Evolution of the Game" and even though I am not a football fan, I really enjoy this book.
  47. There was one statement early on about at a certain level, it's all about the will to win and not about using the game as a profession to pay your bill or maintain a certain life style. When two players have the same athletic abilities, that the person that has the will/ desire to win will succeed over the other player.
  48. This statement really struck a cord with me. Of course I am not a professional athlete and I doubt that I will ever be a contender for winning my age group, but I still feel that this applies to any age grouper.
  49. Everyone talks about goals and if it's just to give an answer in case somebody ask you for the time that you will be shooting for at any given race. But is this time really your goal and you work hard for it and you fight for it and you suffer for it or are you just going through the motions?
  50. I think I still have a long way to go and I feel I have to push my comfort zone more and more.
  51. There was also an article about this topic in last month's Triathlete magazine. Basically the psychology behind all of those failed new year's resolutions.
  52. To reach your goals you have to do things differently than you did them before, otherwise you would have already reached them.
  53. Speaking of magazines: I am WAY BEHIND on my reading!
  54. I have a Runner's World and a Triathlete subscription, but the magazines that I brought back from Germany after the holidays messed my reading schedule up big time!
  55. On top of several audio books, I also got several "real" books for Christmas and that brings me even more behind.
  56. Last year I did the St. Francis Mud Run in Greenville SC with Terry and two of our friends. It was a 4 mile run with around 30 obstacles.
  57. When we tip toed around the starting line back then, I was apologizing to my team mates to have gotten them in this mess.
  58. When we reached the finish line, 3/4 out of the group said that we are going to be there in 2010 again... The 1/4 of the team agreed to join a day later! ;-)
  59. Well now it's 2010 and I looked up the date today and I had to find out that this year's Mud Run is going to be on May 1st!
  60. Well, on May 1st the D.N.R. All Stars will be somewhere between Columbia and Folly Beach and finish up the Palmetto 200.
  61. I hate that we are going to miss the Mud Run.... But there is normally another one in the fall in Columbia SC so I guess I have to start recruiting people once more!
  62. Speaking of the Palmetto 200: I used to be listed as runner #3, but then they did a course update and I would have ended up with over 17 miles total mileage for the relay. I asked runner #6 to trade legs with me and he agreed, so I am back at the around 15 miles portion that I was going for in the first place.
  63. Currently, the team is also looking into options of renting two full size vans for the race, just to be a little more comfortable and maybe even able to sleep. The Explorer and the Suburban that we used for the BRR was alright, but bigger really is better in that case.
  64. Honestly, I am always surprised on how much crap one needs for a running trip. I noticed this last year preparing for the BRR and now again for our trip down to Myrtle Beach.
  65. Basically, one has to pack for every possible weather... for relays, it's three fresh sets of clothes... At least two pairs of running shoes and a comfy shoe for when you are not running etc etc etc...
  66. Oh yes and whoever started that rumor that running is a cheap sport... forget it... Yes, I might go over the top a little when it comes to cute outfits and stuff, but I take complete responsibility for that one... But aside of that you also have registration fees, travel cost, night run/ safety gear, all types of different weather to deal with.... you get my point.
  67. I think swimming might be the cheapest out of the tri sports. But even then... I got myself my own toys (get your mind out of the gutter, I am referring to paddles, fins and pull buoys) last year and a lap counter.
  68. Needless to say that there are several bathing suits... Not only because I like cute outfits (see point 66) but also because a bathing suits is going to disintegrate sooner or later in the chlorine water... They fabric is getting thinner and baggy and those are things you don't want in a bathing suit.
  69. Ha! Number 69.... I have a funny story for that one. Way back when I did the mentioned internship in England, we went on TONS of road trips. We had lunch in a pub in their beer garden. You ordered and paid in the pub and got a number and a server would walk to the beer garden yelling out the number with your food when it was ready. My food order number was 69 and the server was a 14 year old kid (estimation here!). He was so embarrassed and turned red having to yell out the number and the whole beer garden was laughing. Poor kid!
  70. Funny enough, I think sweat and laundry detergent has the same effect on sports bras than chlorine has on bathing suits. I have to get myself some new sports bras because several of the ones I have don't really give a lot of support anymore.
  71. I got some great deals last year at the Adidas tent sale at the Gaffney outlets. I got tops for around 4 bucks and tights (long and capris) for around 8 bucks. You can't beat that and I wear those items all the time because they are so comfortable. Unfortunately, we stopped by on the way to the airport and were really pressed for time. Hopefully, they are going to have one of those this year again.
  72. It's not rocket science that biking is the most expensive sport out of the three.
  73. I really have to start doing bike maintenance myself. There is a free class sometime in March at the Great Escape in Spartanburg... I think I should go there.
  74. I changed out a tube before. I did it once and I carry all the necessary tools with me and a spare tube. Nevertheless, if I had a flat on the road by myself, it would be pitiful sight.
  75. Last week the stem broke and I asked Terry not to change the tube out until I can watch him. Well the tube is changed and I wasn't present when it was done. I think I need a refresher in tube changing soon!
  76. To show you how deep this concern runs, I have one example. Last year, the night before my first (and so far only) triathlon, I had nightmares of getting a flat on the bike course.
  77. On the other hand, I don't sleep good before races anyways. There is this reoccurring dream about being to late at the start line, but I understand that I am not the only person having that dream.
  78. Did you know that I am a pretty good foosball player? You better believe it, even though my wrist may be a little rusty these days.
  79. For whatever reason, I have a feeling that I am using all my potential blog material in this post... That is going to get me in trouble sooner or later!
  80. By the way.... How was your little snack?
  81. I find the infomercials for programs like "P90X" and "Insanity" very interesting... Those abs after child birth.... I don't have any experience with child birth, but I lost 60 lbs, that should make for an even ground right there.
  82. The downside I see with those programs is, that it's basically the only workout that you are going to do for 90 or 60 days and I think I would really miss my tri sports. Doing the program as supplement for the regular workout might doesn't give the same results. But results vary anyways right? I read somewhere that a lot of those exercises are available on YouTube... Maybe something worth looking into.
  83. When was the last time you had a Cherry Coke? In my case that is probably 15 years ago. Enough time to forget almost anything. So last weekend while strolling through the soda aisle, I saw Cherry Coke Zero and actually bought it. It seemed to be a good idea at the time and now I have 10 cans sitting here, waiting to be consumed... Oh boy.
  84. My current chap stick consumption is out of this world. Not because I use them up so fast, but because I loose those things ALL THE TIME!
  85. Safety Bingo at work is letting me down once again. The card started out great and got worse and worse from there.
  86. I am really looking forward to race on the weekend. My last race was in November and it's about time for me to get out there again.
  87. There will also be tons of familiar faces and that makes races FUN!
  88. It's going to be hilly, but hills make you stronger.
  89. My goal for the race.... I am hoping for an 9:45 min/mile average... that would make a 1h 37mins goal time.
  90. The strategy: Take it easy on the uphills and rock the downhills (I have gotten so much better running downhill)... Shoot for 9:45 pace for the whole thing, but try to pick it up at mile 8 depending on how I feel.
  91. I can't wait for daylight saving time to come finally! Just another couple of weeks!
  92. There are tons of evening rides around the area where I work. So as soon as DST is here, I really want to join one of these rides at least once a week.
  93. For the last 268 days, Marc Beaumont has pedalled 13,080 miles from Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. He arrived today. What an accomplishment. While doing this, he also climbed two major peaks (Aconcagua and Mount McKinley). CONGRATS!!
  94. I think I mentioned it before, but a bike travel tour is definitely on my bucket list.
  95. Being out of town for the weekend, really made me want to do another hiking trip soon. I might try to pitch the idea to Terry once the house renovation has gotten to a stage where it is okay to take a weekend off.
  96. Maybe I don't even have to pitch the idea, since he actually reads this blog every now and then. :-)
  97. On the other hand, he wants to be done by the time my parents are coming to visit and that is just six weeks out.
  98. That probably means we have to do a little hiking honeymoon right after the wedding since we are not going to go on our "real" honeymoon until June.
  99. I am so glad to be able to "sleep in" tomorrow, since I don't have a morning workout scheduled. By the way... Sleeping in in that context means 6am.
  100. I am not going to do "200 Tidbits for the 200th".... One hundred was hard enough already! :-) You are dismissed now! ;-)

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