Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Think, I Need An Ark SOON!

Remember my last post when I was gushing about how great we have it around here and how beautiful the weather was and that I was wearing shorts in January... Yeah, I wrote "Shorts in January" even though it's already February. But still.... Running in shorts in February is just as GREAT.

Well, the honeymoon is over and was fairly short anyways. Since Thursday the rain is coming down in buckets. We have a creek flowing at the corner of the property and right now it looks more like a pond.

When I left from work yesterday, I made this picture on my commute... Normally, this area is covered in grass... There is no water, not even creek at this spot.

I am so having this rain and wonder, if we might have to start building an ark or something.

Speaking of arks... Finally somebody figured out what really happened to the dinosaurs! ;-)

Happy weekend everyone!

PS: This week my posting was a little weak, but I have a couple of post topics in the back of my head, but time was a little sparse this week.

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