Friday, February 12, 2010

The Big Question Mark

We made it. We are here in Myrtle Beach in our warm hotel room. The snow is here too!

As of right now, the race has been delayed for 30 minutes. But there are also rumors of a possible cancellation due to the weather.

In the meantime, we relax in our pretty hotel room and watch Seinfeld.

The snow is melting on the streets and nothing sticks yet, hopefully that is not going to be a layer of ice in the morning.

I wanted to snap a picture of the ocean from our balcony, but the only thing to see is snow flurries.

We already have our race packages and I have to say the goody bag is NICE. The obligatory t-shirt (pretty big/long for a small), a cap and a metal bottle. SWEET!

We already had dinner. Actually twice... Well, we started out at one place and the pasta was horrible and they said they were not able to do it any better, so we left. The second place was really really tasty. All is left now is weather monitoring and constantly checking the race's web page for updates. We expect a final statement by 10pm. Also some relaxing is in order and I will keep on foam rolling.

I still haven't decided on a race outfit, but the shorts are off the table. It's going to be my thick tights at the bottom and probably even foot warmer. Up top there will most likely be some layering. I brought all kinds of gear to have every option tomorrow morning.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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