Sunday, February 7, 2010

10 Miles For Confidence

Today was my last 10 miler in preparation for the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon this coming Saturday. My training plan called for 15 miles last Sunday and 10 miles the week before that. I didn't to any of these runs due to getting sick again.

I think, I mentioned previously that my pre-race jitters are out of this world sometimes and the only thing that helps to reduce those are racing on a regular basis and have a solid preparation. Well, I didn't race in two months and I lost several long runs due to this cold. Awesome premises, isn't it? But on the other hand, I am determined not to go crazy over it.... I can't do this to myself and the people around me... specifically Terry who calls me "intense" on race mornings were I feel well prepared. So right now, I am reminding myself, that ALL of my long runs, that I actually was able to do, did go pretty well. That is great news and I am planning on reminding myself of this fact whenever doubt tries to creep in.

So today's 10 miles were done in perfect running weather. Temps in the high 40s, scattered clouds and only little wind. I did the run from that train wagon at the Swamp Rabbit Trail up to the entrance of the Travelers Rest YMCA and then did a loop around Furman lake on my way back. The plan was to split the run in three even sections. First section as an easy warm-up (did a 10:25 pace), the next section at half marathon pace (did a 9:52 pace) and then finished up with half marathon pace plus 15 seconds (did a 10:05 pace). That gave me an average pace of 10:06 minute/ miles for the whole run and a total time of 1:41h and change. I am pretty happy with that. In the second half, I was struggling with a little bit of stomach stuff, but not too bad. All in all, this run made me more confident for this Saturday and this is what I was hoping for.

Now, the only thing left is, to get my race outfit together and study the course map a little. Here it is in case you are interested!

(Click to enlarge)

As I type this, the Superbowl is on TV. Until bedtime anyways, since I will make sure that I get as much sleep this week as possible... Superbowl or no Superbowl. Also, my left hamstring is tightening up like crazy and I have to get up now, to stretch it out again.

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