Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stalking the Weather Forecast

When the forecast is bad for a day with a ride after work, I am stalking the hourly forecast basically all day... refresh, refresh, refresh... you get the idea. Lucky me, today the forecast got better the closer it got to 5pm. It was still calling for some chilly temps, but at least the chance of rain went down continuously. SWEET!

Yes, that 47 degrees at the end of March in South Carolina. It's not unheard of, but it sure is unusual. On top of the temps, it was also pretty cloudy, so I tried out a little light combination to make myself visible to others, but also see better in the case, I don't make it make to the car on time.

This is my running headlamp, but with loosening the straps, I was able to pull it over the helmet.... It worked like a charm. I also had a red blinking light clipped in the back.

And since it was pretty cold and all my cycling capris were in the laundry, I used the Smartwool tube socks. This is no compression, the point was to stay warm.... And they are fun!

 I am fully aware that I look like a goof, but at least I was visible and since I was riding alone and didn't have any "safety in numbers" advantage, it's totally worth dressing up like this... Especially in those dreary conditions.

The ride itself was a lot of fun, I just had a couple of dogs chasing me this time around. I rode some of this loop the last two weeks, but every time I am out there, new dogs seem come out of the woodwork. I did quite some yelling.... I am sure it was fun to watch.

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  1. that is a pretty hot outfit ... ;) but warmth and safety over fashion in my book!