Friday, March 18, 2011

Everything, but the Kitchen Sink

On Thursday, I had a double training day (swimming in the am, bike ride in the pm) which is not very unusual (Tues and Thurs are normally doubles for me), but this was a little different because, I would not go home between work and my second workout. That means, I had to prepare everything the night before. It always feels like I have to pack everything but the kitchen sink for those days... In the picture you see all my luggage for the next day before I loaded it in the car:
  1. Bike
  2. Bag with all the bike stuff
  3. Bag with all the swim toys, towels and hair dryer
  4. Bag with toiletries and work clothes
  5. Purse with breakfast... I tried out the "Bolthouse Vanilla Latte" the first time... This is good stuff taste-wise, but also the nutritional content is good... Maybe a little high on the sugar, but oh well.
I almost forgot the bike pump.... And I ended up forgetting water bottles. Fortunately, I still had one water bottle in the car from two days ago. Oh... save the best for last: I forgot the Garmin. After I spend a good chunk of time mapping a route and uploading it, I just left it on top of the laptop... But I did remember the heart rate strap... Awesome.

It's just too much crap to remember.

In the meantime, the doggy was observing my hectic back and forth and couldn't have been bothered less... Crazy humans hmmmmm? ;-)

Happy Friday!

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