Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not bad for Week Nights


23.7 miles with 2,759 feet of climbing
First time riding the Saluda Grade, did it in 24:40mins... Not too shabby.

Joined the "Tuesday Climbing Ride" from Landrum for this. This was my first time riding with this particular group and I will definitely be back. The more daylight we are going to have for this, the more climbing will be added. SWEET!


29.46 miles with 20+ mph winds
Showed two co-workers around some backcountry roads right from work. They are new to road biking and did an excellent job out there, especially considering the brutal winds last night.

The route is rolling and the climbing (a total of 1,500 feet) is not too much over this distance, but there are some juicy hills in the mix. Now if you also throw in a 20+ mph headwind while climbing these juicy hills... That made for quite a training experience.


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  1. nice riding! i am loving the daylight too. i'm trying to run in the morning but yesterday i got in 12 miles after work! heavenly. for now anyway, while it's not 90 degrees with 110% humidity...

    i heard mt. mitchell is being organized by some race organizing dude this year? kinda disappointed in that. hope it can hold onto it's "small town vibe". don't like the idea of paying pro's to come in to try and beat the record either! :)