Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How In The World....

  1. ... is the cheapest flight to Germany in July or September over 1,400 USD?? And that is with TWO stopovers!
  2. ... did I not notice it when I hurt my wrist over a week ago? And why is that stupid thing not getting better faster?
  3. ... do I expect to magically get down to my "I am a lean mean cycling machine" weight, if I keep doing this ^^^^?
  4. ... is the house still looking like a construction site? Even though they were supposed to be done with the air conditioning installation last Friday.... Monday the latest! PAH!!!
  5. ... do people train for Ironmans, when I look like this ^^^ on my current training plan for Mitchell?
  6. ... did Charlie Sheen get so crazy? Oh I know that.... I read a joke this morning on Twitter: "How much coke does Sheen do? Enough to kill 2.5 men!" This seriously made my morning... I was on my way to the track at 5am... It's the little things that keep you going! ;-)
While I am still wondering, I hope you are having a FANTASTIC hump day.

Over and out.


  1. umm you haven't had a/c? and you haven't run away yet? i would be impressed if this was the case...

    i find it odd that stopover flights are more expensive too. makes no sense to me, except for that you earn more miles (i think), but still it seems dumb.

    #3. it's no mystery why i'm not losing weight... uggh