Friday, March 11, 2011

I Need An Intervention

Yes... For my chocolate habit as well.... It was either this or heading out for frozen yogurt. That candy box was in the pantry and I am lazy, so here we go.

No, I need an intervention for my active wear habit:

And this is not even all of it. Oh my.

With getting an air conditioning this week (yes, we lived in SC w/o an air conditioning, but now we also officially arrived in the modern world ;-), there was a lot of chaos going on. Several of the closets had to be emptied in the process and I took this as an opportunity, to organize the stuff before putting it back in.

Well, now that it's more organized in the closet as well, I probably have a chance of actually finding stuff in the future. We'll see how long the organized state remains and when chaos is going to take over again.

Time to hit the hay... Tomorrow, I'll have a big ride on tap.

1 comment:

  1. you do need an intervention! do you wear it all? while you're in the moving/re-closeting process, use it as a chance to toss/donate the stuff you no longer wear. then maybe you're closets will look non-chaotic for a little while longer (or until you go on a new gear shopping spree anyway)