Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Month in Review: January

Well well... 1/12th of the year is already out of the way.

Maybe this sounds a little dramatic, but I am glad January is over.

The year didn't exactly start as I planned... Of course, nobody plans on kicking off the year with a cold. So with being a week out then and another week due to the oral surgery, the January numbers look a little meek.

At least this time around, I am doing the walking thing, which I should have probably done during my cold too... Gotta remember that for the next time.

But it wasn't all bad... Last week, a day before surgery, I had a kick butt swim that left me with jello arms and a glow on my face.

Currently, my goal is to get back into training this Saturday. I am not sure, if it's going to happen, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Tonight, I am planning on walking on the treadmill... Something I never thought I would do, but walking in the dark around the neighboorhood in the last two days kind of sucked. So tonight I'll be one of *those* people... If I feel frisky, I might even try the treadclimber or stairclimber thingy... You know, ramp up the intensity and see when my jaw starts throbbing! ;-)

Edit to add: Checking in on my only new year resolution: I didn't purchase any gear in January! Yay yay yay! But I do enter gear giveaways like my life depends on it! ;-)

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  1. LOL. I hope you win some gear this year. I am always available to walk although I am sure in another week you will be wanting more real workouts. :)