Monday, February 13, 2012

Wardrobe Changes

Added after I was done writing this post: Reading back over this, the post could have also been named:
"All the things that you never asked and I told you anyways!"

During a work week, getting in all the workouts starts with packing the night before, unpack when I am finally home and the pack again for the next day. Every workout requires stuff and what I need is mostly determined by what I do and where I do it. Of course, if I am going to run I'll need my running shoes and a good sports bra. If I lift weights I can use my Vibrams and a stretched out bra... Those things are kind of obvious. But it also comes down to where I do my workout. Morning runs are usually done outside somewhere in Greenville (on the track or in neighborhood with a sidewalk and halfway decent lights and other runners) which means I get ready to work at the Caine Halter Y, so I don't have to pack towels and a hair dryer, because they provide it there. If I swim in the morning, I do that at the Middle Tyger Y and that means having to bring towels and hair dryer along.
In the meantime, I do have a pretty good routine down and hardly forget anything... I have yet to forget my underwear and hope I just didn't jinx myself.

So last night I started to get my crap together for a am track workout and a pm weight session. From left to right: on the table is the outfit for the run (tights, sleeveless shirt, long sleeve (very warm) shirt, Garmin plus heart rate strap, Road ID, socks and visor). If it's not on the table, chances are that I'll be forgotten. In a light moment this morning, I swapped out the visor with a hat... Thank goodness. On the chair is my purse. To the left of the green bag my running shoes. In the green bag everything I need to get ready for work (clothes and toiletries). The gray bag next to it contains a gym outfit for the pm weight session, a towel (since I was at the MTY) and some sweats to change into after my shower. After work, I normally repack the green bag with everything I need for workout number two.

The only other bag, that I haul around on top of what you see here, is my food. I fix that bag in the kitchen with breakfast and lunch (if I take lunch, always take breakfast) and then just throw in the stuff that was in fridge before I head out.

By the way... This is our "exercise room"... A spare bedroom that now houses all of our gear except the bikes, shoes, helmets and other bike parts. It is also home to this dining room set that I brought all the way from Germany, but it hasn't been used since I moved in with Terry. Well, at least it has some function still as "staging area"! ;-)

So I got up bright and early (4:30am), got dressed, had a small breakfast and carried all those bags to the car... In the process, Miss Karma squeezed her butt out of the door and took off. That was not planned, but fortunately by the time I had everything stowed away in the car, she was back.

On my way to the track I kept an eye on the temp.... I was not amused!! I know this is nothing compared to the temps up north or in Europe currently, but we are soft around these parts of the country and 26 degrees is dang cold!

I just put this jacket on for my ride over to the track, but ended up running my first couple warm up laps with it... Why do I have such an aversion to treadmills??

Once I finally talked myself out of the car and got warmed up a little, it actually wasn't all that bad. I even got to see a shooting star! And the luck didn't stop there: I had company!!! This was the first morning in several months that I got to see other nuts runners on the track. While I am not really worried about being by myself, I sure feel more comfortable having somebody out there.

After the track workout, it was even colder than when I started... Oh well, at this point, what is one degree more or less. While I was fine running, once I was done and back in the car, I couldn't stop shivering... BRRRRR!

And here is the moment, where I have to b*tch about my fellow runners! From the track to the Y, I drive through the neighborhood that I run in sometimes in the morning. When I am out there, I have always a light on me. There are some street lights, but there are some really dark corners too. I see people out there without lights, blinky lights and safety vests all the times and I want to smack them! Two ladies scared the crap out of me this morning, because I didn't notice them until I was almost past them. This is not safe people!!

Quick snap of the morning running outfit in the locker room. Sorry for it being blurry, but I don't want to be pointed out as the creep that takes pics in bathrooms. It's probably pretty hard to see on here, but my nose was bright red when I got there!

Oh well, since we are on the topic of creepy bathroom pictures... Here's one where I am not in workout clothes, you don't see that kind of thing on this channel a lot... I need a hair cut... Bad.

After work, a quick repacking session in the car and off we go to the Y to pump some iron.

Another blurry locker picture taken after I lifted weights. This was my first time really lifting since we stopped doing CrossFit and I have to say, it's just not the same.

After taking a quick shower at the Y. I now notice how crappy that background is... Well, it kind of topped off the cold shower experience... Awesome!

And once I got back home, I had a quick dinner and then packed my lunch, unpacked and then repacked for my swim tomorrow. Wash, rinse, repeat.


  1. That's one heck of a routine girl! I seriously HATE packing for the gym/workday. But you're right - if I lay everything out as a "routine" I'm much less likely to forget something!

  2. Geeze! You need to get a mobile Nike (/gear) shop to follow you around with fresh clothes and toiletries. :) I always draped my gross sweaty clothes around my car seats after an AM workout (back when I worked out and all ha). Made for a stinky drive home though, but I had an aversion to putting sweaty clothes in a bag. You're very organized! And from what I can see, the DR set looks nice :)