Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm Walking

Today and yesterday, I clocked a total of 17 miles of walking.

I would rather be running and cycling, especially since the weather has been so mild in the last couple of days. But I had my oral surgery last Wednesday and everything that gets the blood pumping, just doesn't feel that good right now.

But I take it. I honestly didn't expect to feel this decent so early. Good thing, they didn't have to do as much as they expected. Lucky break!

But at least my tooth implant is fixed now.... Or at least I hope so. We'll see, how the next checkup is going down in two weeks.

Karma loves it. I think she will be very disappointed, once I am ready to workout again and the walks are being cut down. 

The soft diet is kind of getting to be at this point. When you start looking at a slice of pizza and start thinking about throwing it into the blender... Well, I am almost there.

I discovered a couple of new roads today, that can be incorporated in future running routes.

But it was hilly hilly hilly. A couple of times, I had to take a breather, because the pounding in my jaw just gotten too bad, but we got it done.


  1. That's some hardcore walking. I wouldn't have near the patience or determination in your shoes. Well done!

  2. 17 miles! Did you go out for more? My back was sore Sunday, haha. Pretty sad. But I was not nearly as bad as I thought id feel.