Wednesday, January 4, 2012

All Wrong

I am so glad, that I didn't make lofty new year's resolutions this year, because it feels like 2012 is starting out all wrong.

This was my view for most of Sunday (They showed the 2011 CrossFit Games on ESPN2, that was quite impressive!). I woke up with a headache from hell (not alcohol induced) accompanied by a throat that felt like on fire and the sniffles and coughing. Happy New Year! Since then, things have gotten worse (Monday), then stayed about the same (Tuesday) and then some improvement today, but I feel like I am fading as we speak...

I know there is much worse out there than a cold, but dang it sucks anyways.

Starting Sunday I did the "when can I go back to training" games. First it was Wednesday, then it was Thursday and this morning after I was almost falling into a temper tantrum, it was enough already! No workouts until at least Saturday... This cough needs to be gone before I start back up, because while this sucks, dragging the cold out would be even worse. I sure don't feel like a repeat of the being sick cycle that I went through early in 2010 only because I never rested long enough.

With that being said, I try not to think about the $$$ that I dropped on another month of CF which I won't be utilizing the way I had hoped (but it's a family membership, so at least Terry can make use of it!). Also, I am working on convincing myself that my first half Ironman distance is still off far enough to get it all done... I haven't been a couch potato over the winter, so I should be getting my fitness back in no time. Right? I also try to ignore the fact, that I will be missing another week of training later this month due to oral surgery... Dang... Can we just call this month a bust or what.

Signing off to sulk.

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  1. Boo! Sorry you haven't been feeling good. And hate that you can't use the CF membership! I have felt like a loser for paying the YMCA and not going for the past couple of months... Ugh.

    Feel better!