Monday, February 27, 2012

First Brick and Other Stuff

And it's Monday again.

This weekend, I felt a little like a weekend warrior... Trying to get everything squeezed into a 48 hours time frame.

But let's start with Friday, even though Friday is technically not part of the weekend.

After feeling sorta under the weather since Monday, I finally broke down on Friday and saw the nurse at work to make sure, that there's nothing too funky going on. After she said: "It's most likely going to clear up by itself, but I'll give you an antibiotic to make sure!" I said: "Let's skip the antibiotic and I come back, if it's not cleared up by next week!". I don't get how antibiotics are the solution for every and anything and it seems nothing is too small to treat it with antibiotics. That afternoon, I had an appointment with my chiropractor again and I walked out of that office with a herbal throat spray that made this whole thing much easier to deal with over the weekend and now I am happy to say, that it has mostly cleared up by today. Take that, antibiotics!

Friday, I was in bed a little after 9pm, because I figured a little extra sleep can only promote the healing process.

When I got up Saturday morning, Terry was sitting fully dressed in his cycling outfit... I ended up procastinating for a while, but around 8.30am we were on the road for a 50 mile bike ride... Yes, it was cold and yes, it was windy, but we still got the job done.... We don't call ourselves "Team Awesome" for nothing! ;-)

We rode from the house towards Highway 11 along some beautiful backcountry roads with only very little traffic. I honestly think, we probably saw more cyclist out there than cars. Pretty neat. On Saturday was also an organized ride from Furman to Ceasar's Head, but we had no intention of actually climbing that mountain, we were good with getting somewhat close and then turn around. I haven't been out in that area for a while and it was fun to show Terry a couple of new roads!

After getting back to the house, we made a fairly quick transition to running shoes and were out for a 2 mile brick in no time. I did that brick run at a 9:14 minute mile pace and it's a pretty hilly course (everything around the house is hilly)... I seriously do my best running off the bike, it's quite ridiculous. And while this was a good run, it's hard to picture having to go 13.1 miles after biking 56 miles in a couple of months.

I have never done a brick workout this early in the season. Every time I see a brick pop up on the schedule I get a little sour and then most of the time it doesn't turn out too bad. I also used this ride as an experiment on how the lady bits perform for 50 miles on a bike in tri shorts and can only say: bodyglide, bodyglide and more bodyglide... And no, I wasn't only wearing tri shorts in mid 40s temps, I had thick tights over the tri shorts... I wonder if that helped or worsened the situation?

After getting the workout done, we did some good refueling and stretched out on the couch. On the topic of refuleing: I am pretty darn proud of Terry and myself to both really buckling down on our nutrition. We massively cut down on the eating out and go through tons of veggies and fruits these days.

Since Karma hasn't gotten any exercise for that day yet, I then ended up taking her for a 2 mile walk.

And if that wasn't enough for one day, I had also planned to attend the showing of "Chasing Legends" at the BMW Zentrum Saturday night with a friend.

After living in the Greenville area for over six years and working in the automotive industry, I finally made it into the BMW Zentrum. I swear, I tried before, but their hours or not very convenient.

The movie was awesome and having the director there setting the mood was really nice! The showing was a fundraiser organized by the Greenville Spinners.

Overall a great movie night and I can only recommend watching it. I am actually thinking about buying the DVD.

What is the logical thing to do on Sunday, if you did your long ride on the Saturday? Yes, you are going to run long(er). After church and lounging around the house, skyping with mom and doing some cleaning, I got my stuff together and set out for 8-10 miles. The tummy wasn't happy with me at all, so I am pretty stoked about getting in a little over 9 miles, but was really hoping for 10.

While running through the Furman campus on my way back (potty break), I saw those signs up... I don't know, if this is an ongoing thing or if it was an organized event that day, because I also saw a family wearing the same t-shirts.

Since Terry still can't run... (especially after he tried to run after the bike ride the day before) we took Karma out for another walk once I got back. I was also hoping that my tummy would straighten out on the walk, but no dice. All good now, but boy that was quite something yesterday.

Now reading back, I feel like I need a weekend from my weekend. 


  1. Wow - that sounds like a lot! I have done the bakery ride which I love but I am slow!

  2. Ha yeah antibiotics are like candy! In college I was always offered prednisone... For EVERYTHING. I never actually took it though. Glad you are feeling better! Sound like some quality workouts over the weekend, you know I am jealous. A brick sounds heavenly right now. How screwed up am I? :)