Tuesday, January 31, 2012

History in the Making

Knowing that I must start sounding like a broken record, I will still share, that (once again) I am refocusing on my nutrition. It sure is an uphill battle for me and might be for the rest of my life given my history.

But for the first time, since I moved to this country and discovered the deliciousness of Girl Scout Cookies, I declined an order form... Actually, I turned down two order forms in last couple of weeks. People, there is history in the making!

I don't think you should cut out every treat, but with the cookie delivery from my mom and leftover treats all around the house, I really want to avoid to put yet another temptation in the pantry.

Where is all this coming from?

No, it's not a New Year's Resolution!

I sometimes like to listen to pod casts at work and recently discovered CrossFit Radio and Jillian Michaels and Fat2Fit. That was really food for thought an several levels and gave me a little motivational boost to put better things in my body and also start to eat more thoughtfully again.

Also, a blog post from HIT CrossFit a while back ago, really strung a cord with me. The bottom line is:


I think, I really needed to hear that.

It sometimes is very tempting to just think: Oh, I can eat XYZ, I'm running/ cycling/ swimming this off in no time. But in reality:

80% of your body composition will be determined by your diet."

And with that in mind, I once again try to make better choices and keep on fighting the uphill battle.

Boo yah! I am ready!

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  1. All I can say is "WOW"! I've never seen your "Before meets After" post before & I'm absolutely amazed! You've done such a GREAT job maintaining!

    I really need to refocus on my diet as well - I gained 10lbs during 2011 just from slacking on my eating habits. Sure, I kept another 20lbs from coming back, but I hate that I gained that 10 back seeing as now I'm 40lbs from my ideal weight instead of only 30.

    I struggle with food on a daily basis - mostly portion control for me. I don't necessarily eat horrible foods. Just A LOT of whatever foods I eat.

    I commend you for not ordering any girlscout cookies this year...I was not so strong.