Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Progress?

Tried to come up with a leap year reference title, but no dice... My brain can't produce such a thing today. Leap or no leap!

So, do you remember the progress post from a couple of weeks ago? Today was hill repeat day again.

As a reminder: this was a little over five weeks ago:

My next time doing this workout 2.5 weeks ago:

And this was today:

I am not quite sure, if this can be called a complete success and another leap (HA!) forward in my running, because while the repeats are mostly faster than my last attempt, the heart rate has gone up some too... Either way, it's nice to see a couple of repeats with a 7 something pace! ;-) And obviously, I was running out of steam on the last one... Oh well.

In all three cases, I did the exact same warm up loop, before hitting my designated "hill repeat" hill in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, today once again fell short of the six miles I was planning on, because of tummy troubles. I don't know what it is with hill repeats and tummy troubles. It's also a little frustrating, since I eat super clean these days. The only thing that comes to mind, that today was an unusual time for me to run and that maybe had something to do with it. There is a reason, that I always do the repeats on the same hill, that is just a quarter of a mile away from the house. :-)

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