Monday, October 26, 2009

Read It Out Loud!

Since I moved in with Terry, my commute has increased around 1,500% (no kidding, it went from around six minutes to ninety minutes) and with that the amount of time wasted. Seriously, there are 10,000 things that I would prefer doing during this time than sitting in my car. But since whining really doesn't change the situation, but negatively influences my mood, I was looking for things that would start making the commute less of a waste of time.

Yeah right, this post is about my discovery of audio books.

I had a couple of audio books sitting in my book shelf for the longest, but really, at home I enjoy just sitting in silent and reading (very traditionally) a book with pages and everything. Lately, I didn't do as much reading, but this pastime comes in seasons for me. It's really odd, that sometimes, I finish up a book within days and sometimes it just takes forever... And it doesn't necessarily say anything about the quality of the book. But once again, I digress. What I meant to say before rambling off on other things was, that I had these audio books at home catching dust for years until I decided that this would be so much better than listen to those crappy radio stations around here that have a play list of all but five songs.

But now three weeks into this experiment, I am 1) hooked on audio books and 2) running out of material. Therefore the used book sale from "The Friends of the Greenville County Library System" last Sunday was perfect timing. It was already the second day of the sale and everything was half off. That is nice, but it was also clear that I would have much less to choose from. We got there five minutes before they opened the doors and there were maybe a hundred people already ahead of us. This was bargain madness! We got a little box and a map (!) at the entrance and I took off straight to the audio book section. The selection was slim and I sure wasn't picky, since none of the titles meant anything to me. So I walked out there with six audio books for USD 21.50. NICE!!! Now time will tell, if I got anything good, but I looked them up on Amazon in the meantime and it's quite promising! Here are my bargains:
This book sale is a great chance to stock up on books and they even have an almost new section. It's hardcovers and a little more expensive than the rest, but still no comparison to regular priced books. So put it down on your calendars:

The Friends of the Greenville County Library System will hold its next regular Book Sale on April 23, 24, and 25th, 2010 at Merovan Center, E-2. Friday the sale is 3 until 8PM and is open to members only. Memberships may be purchased at the door. Saturday the sale is open to the public from 10AM until 5PM. Sunday, the sale is 1PM until 5PM and is open to the public and everything is half price.

That might sound funny, but I can't wait to get in the car tomorrow morning and start on one of these, since I finished up Ken Follett's The Hammer Of Eden today!

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