Monday, October 5, 2009

From 5th Ave to the Col-Du-Sac

Is it just me or are radio commercials irritating to you as well? I find TV commercials just as annoying, but when the commercials come on, I'll do all kinds of stuff e.g. changing over clothes from the washer to the dryer and other fabulous activities. I can't do that in the car and if I am not fast enough to switch channels, it just takes a locally produced radio commercial to make me want to scream! You know, I really support locally grown produce and the local shops and I understand that producing a commercial costs money and all that, but I am sure there are ways to make it less obnoxious. Really, there is more to selling than yelling! I didn't come up with this sentence... It was that TV show about infomericals... You know what I am talking about?

This morning on my way to work, I once more got the pleasure to listen to the spot of Deja-Vu Consignment in Mauldin since there are the shop of the week (at least the 2nd week in a row) from a local radio station. I have never been to this store, so I cannot make any judgement on the quality of there merchandise, but after listening to their commercial, I kinda doubt that I will make it there ever, because I don't want to be in a dead end... Who would want that?? One line in there 3 minute (felt time) radio spot says something like "Deja-Vu brings 5th Ave to the Col-Du-Sac". I understand that they where playing off the whole French name theme and they wanted to express that they have NYC runway worthy fashion in the store, but please don't use foreign words because they sound good... The meaning of the word should support your message no matter what language you use. Or am I misunderstanding something and they really wanted to call Greenville and/or their store a dead end?? Should I feel offended? ;-)

If you have been reading this blog for a little you might tell me now, that I shouldn't throw stones while sitting in a glass house, since I previously stated to sometimes use words that I am not completely sure of the meaning. Well, I guess I am guilty of this, but be assured that I double check things that I am not sure about, whenever I put something in writing and triple check it, if my writing is about to be published. That's why I checked the word "obnoxious" just a couple of minutes ago. And I know, that there are going to be mistakes in this blog, but these are all foreign words to me... Besides, you would think that in commercial production, there are people proof-reading the lines right??

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