Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Don't Have A Sweet Tooth...

… I DO have a whole SET OF SWEET TEETH!

This is not good news, besides it is not really NEW but rather a development that I have noticed for a while now. Fortunately, this development hasn't shown any influence on the scale so far. I am still hoovering between my usual 125lbs and 128lbs. Which basically tells me, that I still work out enough to balance it out and cut calories somewhere else. So instead of fueling my body with good nutrition, I go the junk calorie route. No wonder, I felt like crap 20 minutes into yesterday morning's spin class. Even though my total daily calories might not change a lot, the quality of the food really impacts my workouts…. Crap in, crap out…

In my head, I have all the nutrition know-how one needs. I know that I have to hydrate properly, to eat my five servings of fruits and veggies a day etc. I do make conscious decisions every day to cut out easy calories in meals (no condiments) or substitute them with better quality calories (white bread vs whole grain pita). But some days I am just constantly hungry and on some days, I am constantly hungry and do have easy access to donuts and cake… The evil combination… I told you before, sometimes we go a little overboard around here. So this morning, I got up at 5 AM and was in the pool by 6.15 AM… I did a nice one hour swim and covered 2,500 yards and was really pleased with this. The downside though, early morning swims just seem to set me up for a whole day of being hungry (I blame the cold water for it), even though I had a small breakfast (whole grain pita, couple of slices of roasted turkey breast, one slice of fat free cheese and two slices of tomato) on my way to the pool. After the workout I had an apple and a banana and by the time my co-worker got in the office bearing the gifts to celebrate his son's birth, my stomach was hungry and my brain was yelling SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR. If I don't have easy access to junk then, I fool my brain by consuming a diet soda (I know, not good for you… There will be a post sometime in the future about that), but if I have access to donuts and homemade black forest cherry cake…. Guess what is going to win?? ;-)


Source: Mishmash!

Yup… You guessed right and yes, it was worth it! :-)

Tomorrow is another day and with the 5-miler coming up on Saturday, I have to get more diligent for the rest of the week in order to prevent nasty stomach upsets that I am prone to on runs… Which proves once again, that racing really is my top motivation for not falling of the healthy-lifestyle-bandwagon for too long.

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