Friday, October 30, 2009

Devil Rose Black And White Vampire Fairy

This was my description when a co-worker asked me, what I ended up getting as a costume for Halloween. Honestly, I don't have a clue, what this costume is supposed to be, it was selected by ticking off the following points:

1) inexpensive
2) shirt covers my behind
3) doesn't smell like rubber, glue or the combination

Seriously, it's hard to find a Halloween costume that appropriately covers your bandonkadonk. It's either skimpy short or down to the ankles... Moderation people, moderation.

Anyhow... This is how we went Salsa dancing last night.

And now in retrospective, criteria 2) really wasn't fulfilled. The skirt is just barely covering the derriere when standing, but when I was out on the dance floor dancing and spinning, I basically gave a free show... You are welcome!

I think I have to put together an alternative costume for the Salsa Halloween party on Saturday... And I think I have an idea. Here is a clue: body marks! ;-)

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